Bare Bones: 23-Word Summaries

My current self in 23 words:

Wannabe at everything, but barely-am at most things. Addict just beginning recovery. When better, I will be an “am” at all those everythings.

Why I’m not yet naming my addiction in 23 words:

Irrelevance: I believe most addictions share similar qualities, so what is helpful for one – is helpful for them all. Okay, embarrassment too.

What I want in 23 words:

For you and for me: Full recovery, love and contentedness.
For me: Satisfaction with my work as a writer. (Plus some world travel).

Purpose of this blog in 23 words:

Practicing discipline, as well as understanding new medium for future career purposes. Once understood, hope to turn it into a creative writing wonderland.

  • • Completely Unrelated – Something else I’m indirectly about: 70s/80s experimental rock bands.
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    One response to “Bare Bones: 23-Word Summaries

    1. Could be so much more if I got out of my own way. Addition is a bitch, but so am I at times.

      Funny, sarcastic, witty and wise. Attributes of mine that I see in your post. Glad I found your blog, if only to relate.

      Addictions are the same. Recovery will suck. The rewards will make it worth it. Writing is a drug. Take your medicine. 23 words.

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