The Importance of Sitting

The knife block in my kitchen has been waiting to be stuck with a dozen knives since July. In my bedroom there’s a 14-inch pile of ratty clothes that need to be sewn. I have posted one blog note since I opened this account in October. Oh, and I haven’t even started to start doing my taxes even though I’ve had all the necessary papers sitting on my desk for a couple weeks now.

I have a problem sitting down. If I sit for more than a minute, I’m prone to sleep or distraction. I could get so much done if I would just sit. Sit & focus. For five freaking minutes. (In the case of the knives, stand.)

My laundry load finished this moment, and it’s difficult for me to keep typing. I want to get up and hang my clothes to dry. After that I may want to throw some weights around just to make myself feel good. And then I should wash my lettuce. Take a shower. Email Grandma. Go to bed.

But I’m still in my seat. If this is discipline, it isn’t so hard.

By the end of next Monday, those knives are going to washed, polished and gutting that chopping block. And then I will sit to write about it.


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