Knowing What to Think

“I never know what I think about something until I read what I’ve written on it,” said William Faulkner.

A few years ago, I wrote almost every day. Unnecessary writing, you know — no professor, boss or organization put me up to it. I kept a journal, I wrote detailed and lengthy emails to my dearest friends, I scribbled ideas for stories on any scrap of paper within arm’s reach. And I always knew what to say. Not only did I understand my own thoughts well enough to sound intelligent when I spoke, but in general I communicated better than I do today.

Case in point: Last weekend someone asked me to describe an acquaintance — my response was, “That guy.” It gets humiliating after a while. I can’t even summarize my own religious beliefs without sounding like a wishy-washy eighteen year old. The thing is, I actually do know what I’m not talking about.

So I’m hear to relearn the discipline of writing, and also to learn wtf a real blog is all about. We’ve come a long way from LiveJournal and I think I like this bandwagon.


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